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The greec metal band "Hildr Valkyries" is being mixed.
The first officiel Boisson Divine video is online !

The norwegian metal band "In The Woods" is being mixed at WSL Studio.


Reamping for better sound quality


Reamping gives you access to the best amps on the market and, above all, their professionnal setting by a sound engineer. It also grants you the best sound recording techniques operated in acoustically treated rooms and preamped by the best devices on the market.

This technique also allows the sound engineer to quietly chose the best amps and cabs for your songs.

But don’t forget that 80% of the final guitar sound lies in the hands of the guitar player!


For example, if you like PANTERA, want their guitar sound, and play like a maestro (accurate, sharp, with a strong attack and no dribbling notes or strings), I’ll have no difficulties giving you a "Dimebag DARRELL sound".

If, however, you play frenetically and untidily, without taking care of your takes’ regularity, even the right settings from the exemple above won’t prevent you to sound like a young Kurt COBAIN instead of Maestro DIAMOND.

So take good care of the quality and regularity of your tracks!

If your project is originally made of 2 guitars, record 2x2 guitars (double your 2 guitars).

If your project is originally made of 1 single guitar, record 1x4 guitars (quadruple your guitar).


Warning : it’s very important that your 4 guitar tracks are prefectly synchronized, so that they sound like only one, especially for palm mutes !

Record you guitar’s direct signal in your sound card without turning up or down the preamp’s input volume.


To monitor what you’re recording, use an amp simulator plugin but don’t apply it to the track ! The recorded signal must come straight from your guitar, a clean sound.

Once your simulator is set for your comfort, lower the Gain in order to stand between crunch and distortion in order to preserve a real attack on your guitar (which will provide a way better outpout on most amps).

Here's a video featuring Ola ENGLUND precisely explaining how to do a DI guitar take for future reamping :